Veronica Vituzzi

Credo nei frattali. Credo che la realtà sia piena di universi. Credo che le cose e i corpi siano organismi complessi, e che le immagini possano suggerirne la pluralità di significati.
Penso la fotografia come architettura della materia.
Sono autodidatta: ammetto gli errori, obiettivi sporchi, tentati ideali materiali; tutto quello che so é che non si guarda mai abbastanza.

I believe in fractals. I believe in a reality full of universes. I believe that things and bodies are complex organisms, and that images can suggest their plurality of meanings.
I think photography as an architecture of matter.
I am self- taught: i admit the errors, the dirty lenses, the tried ideal materials; all i know is that we never watch enough.

All my photos are under full copyright and any downloading, blogging, unauthorised use and or distribution of any image, will be dealt with severely within the boundaries of the laws that protect these images. If you are interested in using any of my work in any form of publication or commercial, please email me.